Origin Services
  • It's all about the Origin Suite!

    Our shared Web Service Hosting includes Web, DNS, and Mail services our fast, secure, and stable network starting at only $5/mo. All this hosting comes with basic shell access and is geared toward basic designers and developers wanting to use personal UNIX applications without the hassle of server administration. Our shared hosting servers are in a separate data center from our other servers to ensure the reliablity you have come to expect today.

    Sign up for Shared Web, DNS, and E-Mail services - starting at $1/mo.

  • Multi-core Enterprise System
  • Redundant HDD Array (RAID-10)
  • Fully Managed Environment
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel (see: demo)
  • Shell Access via SSH & WebSSH
  • Webmail (Roundcube)
  • Console E-mail (alpine)
  • Softalicious 300+ scripts auto-installer
  • Server Side Includes, Perl 5, Python 2, PHP 5
  • MySQL 5 (w/ PHP MyAdmin)
  • Daily Web Site Statistics (webstat)
  • Hardened against vulnerabilities
  • External monitoring & alerts
  • Daily Backups (see: policies)
  • High Speed Network
  • Native IPv6 Accessibility
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Free Support

  • Instant Provisioning (coming soon)
  • Setup Time

  •   Suite   Standard E-mail   Standard DNS
    5GB Storage 1GB Storage ∞ Storage
    1 Domain 1 Domain, 10 E-mail Accounts, 1,000 Aliases 1 Domain
    Fair Share Fair Share Fair Share
    Shared IP Shared IP Shared IP
    Standard SLA Standard SLA Standard SLA
    $36/yr.SALE $60/yr.

    $24/yr.SALE $36/yr.

    $12/yr.SALE $24/yr.

Origin Services