FreeBSD UNIX Shells
  • We still offer Free Shell Hosting aka. NullShells.

    Our Shell Hosting is stable, secure, and hardened specifically for our users. IRC is prohibited on our free shells. We have been offering these shells free to anyone on the Internet for over 10 years, and each person gets an account for at least 90 calendar days. Feel free to use our free shells as great way to demo & test our services under load before purchasing your package.

  • Command Line Access (sh,csh, tcsh, bash, ksh)
  • IRC Allowed (ircii, BitchX, irssi, weechat
  • Compiling Allowed (GCC & JDK)
  • AES, 3DES, or Blowfish Encryption
  • Unique IPv4 & IPv6 Vhosts
  • DDoS Protected Network
  • Standard SLA
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free reverse DNS updates
  • Free Support

  • Setup Time
  • Service at a Glance 1BG Shell
    Max Storage Space 1GB
    Background Processes/Connections 1/3
    Additional Background Processes +$1
    SSH Access
    Compiler Access (JDK/GCC)
    IRC Allowed (bots/bncs OK)
    Access to IRC IPv4 & IPv6 Vhosts
    SSH Tunneling / TCP Forwarding +$5
    Private IPv4 Vhosts available* +$3
    Private IPv6 Vhosts available*
    ping, traceroute, whois, dig
    Daily Backups
    Free Support
    Cost $3/mo. ($33/yr.)
    Available Locations USA, UNIX Shell, Linux Shell, Chicago, FreeBSD Shell Chicago



    ✓ = available

    x = not available

  • Free shells are still available through a special ordering link for NullShells.

  • *IPv4/IPv6 Vhosts available upon request
    All IPv4/IPv6 Address add ons come with free reverse DNS.

FreeBSD UNIX Shells