• Overview

    Recompiled Networks offers support to all customers. We offer support through our customer relationship management (CRM / billing & support) system or through email, and support may be available over the phone for premium support and other IT consulting.

  • Pre-sales Support

    Pre-sales support is available to all potential customers; please contact us. Let us know what you want to do and we will help you get the right package for you. For general questions you can connect to IRC at and join #recompiled and we will do our best to help you. Please keep in mind that our IRC is not officially staffed, and all support there is volunteer basis from our community -- it may take some time to get a response.

  • Free Support

    We currently offer our free support to all of our customers. It covers problems with the operating of our services themselves. If you have specific issues with configuring software then we may offer you free tips as a courtesy, even with free support.

  • Premium Support

    If you have support requirements outside our free support we have premium support available. Our premium support is a specialized support that goes beyond any standard technical support, support that requires immediate attention, or "hands on" for your account or server. An incident describes one issue, or one hour of labor as determined by Recompiled Networks. Each incident is an isolated problem outside of normal free support for your services at Recompiled Networks; some examples include:

    • you require fully "managed" services (for this we recommend the High Availibility SLA)
    • you require a regular maintenance contract for your system's security updates
    • you have a service and want us to handle the operations which you have access to do yourself
    • you are configuring your server and need us to help with some "hands on" administration
    • you would prefer us to do the installation of some application and configure it for you to use
    • you would like some scripts for special operations on your server
    • you require an immediate response due to an emergency or other reasons
    • you want priority over other user tickets and the fastest response time

    In order to provide you premium support we require you provide us details, including your username, server ip, and the context of the problem: the current status of it, what you want us to accomplish, and what your end goal is in this process. We need this information so we can make sure that your software works as expected in the context of your goals. We reserve the right to reject any incident in case we find a problem description to be unspecified, any incident that is outside of our area of expertise where we would be unable to assist you, or any incident that we feel inclined by conscience to reject; in these cases it will not use up your incident.

    All premium support incidents will by default have priority over normal free support incidents. Premium Support will include a phone based support option. All new premium support incidents will be given an intial response within 1 hour*. Each customer that purchases a premium support case will be given special access to a special premium support phone number and email.

    If you or your organization requires premium support, you will need to contact us and purchase in advance, pricing is dependent on your services.

    * Premium support is dependent on staff availability, in rare cases it may be longer than 1 hour.

  • Service Level Agreement

    We currently offer a High Availibility SLA to all of our customers who wish to purchase one. It helps to ensure that our services will remain operable 100% of the time. It also offers access to 24x7x365 email and phone premium support, and provides up to 100% credit for services performing under four nines (99.99%) of monthly availibility. If you or your organization requires a high availibility SLA, you will need to contact us, pricing is dependent on your services.

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